two crews and a north berkeley street corner.

7月 12, 2012 § コメントする

28 years ago we used to go around on our bicycles,

him and his younger siblings/cousins

and me, my younger brother and friend from the building.

we had a healthy rivalry and marked our territories;

him and his crew around the corner

and me and mine on our street (especially around our building).

the fruit trees, the two big plum trees on our street

and the fig tree facing our lot was at times

the center of our young turf wars.

since we were always outnumbered-

our three versus,

at least their five,

we were alert, ready and superficially brave.

after school i would do laps around the building or the block

with my pal who lived downstairs

and my younger brother (in that order)

with a self righteous fervor.

if we let our presences be known

we could avoid an ambush.

sometimes an extra jeer or soggy plum in the face

resulted in head-to-head heated confrontation.


many years later, this fellow from around the corner

was a dedicated employee here at jitensha studio.

and now he is an owner of an ebisu.

humbling times.

with appreciation for the friendship and

support from this former neighbour over the years.



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